With Digital42Digital42, you pay for successful online solutions... not hot air!


The majority of our clients – namely SME’s – don’t have the budget to waste on rhetoric and bluster. They need solutions to their issues and results today!

Over the years we have delivered on this time and time again so much so our client retention is second to none.

Our philosophy is simple and “old hat”:

  • We do what we say we are going to do;
  • We do it on time;
  • We do it for the price we have agreed in advance.

If you are looking for an Online Marketing company that is not afraid to “get their hands dirty” and will deliver results and not hot air then contact us today.

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We have produced hundreds of websites covering a wide range of industries whether they be small information websites or all powerful eCommerce sites selling 24/7.

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Time’s up for non-mobile websites

Is your site mobile-ready? It’s a simple question, but one with two very different answers. If you answered yes, then give yourself (and your web developer) a pat on the back, quietly chuckle at the misfortune of your not-so-up-on-the-times competitors, close this tab, and have a cup of tea. If the answer is no, keep reading.

On April 21st, Google will release one of the most substantial algorithm updates to date. Taking its place amongst the heavyweights of Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and Pigeon, this next yet-to-be-named update is going to heavily affect websites which are not responsive, i.e. which do not present a mobile equivalent to their mobile visitors.

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5 security tips for running a WordPress site

We love WordPress. There are so many reasons to use it, whether you’re an individual blogger or a large company looking for a stable content publishing platform. From it’s excellent editing capabilities, to the extensive library of over 37,000 free plugins in the WordPress directory (plus countless more hosted elsewhere), the many themes and frameworks available, it has proven to be a fantastic and secure addition to the online publisher’s toolbox.

However, like all applications, it needs to be monitored and kept-up-todate. Read our 5 tips for securing your WordPress site here! Note: This post is meant for site owners, not web developers.

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